A downloadable game for Windows

Ravaged Outbreak is a W.I.P. top down zombie survival game.

This game has alot of updating to come, new updates will be constantly released, so make sure to check back every so often to see whats new!

If you notice any bugs or glitches, please comment them, and they will hopefully be fixed when the next version is released!

Also comment any of your ideas as to how this game could become better, or just anything that would be good to put in the game!

This is currently in an ALPHA state, so it is still in development! The game's current test state, is no where near a completed product! If you like the game so far, or want to know when a new version is released, make sure to follow the game, it would be much appreciated!


Ravaged_Outbreak v.0.3.0 (BETA).exe 2 MB